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Big Discounts on Women and Men Wristwatches Offered to You on Sayidaty Mall


Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 24-05-2017

With every new season it is actually nice to renovate your appearance and add some touches of majestic and elegance to your look. So today we will offer you the finest and best wristwatches to choose from among them what best suits your upscale taste, and the amazing thing is that they come with Big Discounts! All you have to do is go straight ahead to the one and only Sayidaty Mall and pick your preference of the most luxury women wristwatches for you lady, and of the best men wristwatches for your hubby, all coming to you from the finest high-end international brands in modish designs and the trendiest styles for 2017.

  1. Wristwatches for Women from Geovani

    The famous Swiss Geovani brand offers the most classy women wristwatches in unique designs studded with diamonds that very much suit women for all occasions.

    We offer you: the Swiss Geovani wristwatch in white and yellow case studded with diamonds and in silver and golden bracelet.

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  2. Wristwatches for Women by Christian Lacroix

    This is indeed one of the most international famous brands specializing in offering the finest high-end watches, accessories, men fashions and perfumes that are suitable for all age groups.

    We offer you: colorful wristwatch for women in golden frame by Christian Lacroix

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  3. Wristwatches for Women and Men from Maserati

    The famous Italian Maserati brand offers luxury wristwatches for women and men that actually lend a distinctive air to whomever wears them at all times and occasions because of their unique and modern designs.

    We offer you: wristwatches for women, and for men.

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  4. Wristwatches for Women and Men from Locman

    Locman is a famous Italian brand that offers distinctive and extensive collections of the finest upscale designs for wristwatches that suit upscale tastes for both women and men.

    We offer you: wristwatches for women, and for men.

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  5. Wristwatches for Women and Men from Sector

    Sector is an international brand that was founded in Italy then moved to Switzerland. The brand is mostly characterized by offering magnificent collections of modern wristwatches that suit every man with its unique designs in sporty styles, thus making them a modish and favored choice by youths and men at all times.

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