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The Prettiest Bags of the Season Embellished with Floral Patterns for Sophisticated Elegance

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 11-05-2017

Floral prints made a noticeable splash all over the spring/summer fashion 2017. Therefore, we recommend that you adopt this upscale trend for you looks this season, especially bags embellished with floral patterns so that you enjoy the look of youthful spirit with the spring alluring touch.

On the steps of modish fashions and upscale designs, we here on Sayidaty Mall offer you wide collection of bags from the finest fashion shows of the season, all embellished with colorful floral prints and with amazing discounts, along with our tips on how to style them with your different looks.

Here you are with our STEPS on how to style bags embellished with floral prints with your looks:


  1. Choosing the right colors to match the floral style

    When you opt for a bag embellished with floral prints avoid wearing patterned outfits, or decorated with several different colors. All you have to do is to choose only one dominant color of the bag and style your look accordingly with it.

    We offer you: large women bag with floral patterns, multicolored and made of polyester fabric by Kipling.

    For a delicate and soft harmony we recommend you style with it a short dress in shirt design made of poplin fabric, embellished with a belt on the waistline, in pink and black colors, two long sleeves by Kay Li.

  2. Choosing the successful design

    We actually have seen on catwalks the trend of adopting the floral style in more than one piece. One of the most sophisticated looks is that which blends the floral prints all together by opting for a bag in floral style and a piece of garment embellished with simple floral prints, or the 3d floral style.

    For a similar look we offer you: clutch bag made of leather and fabric combined, in black color, embellished with patterns featuring the initials of the trademark by Paris Hilton.

    Style with it abaya in floral 3D design made of crepe fabric, front open design, in light pink color, embellished on the front with crochet flowers in black color and pearls, two long wide sleeves by Hana Samman.

  3. Floral style for a personal upscale mark

    The embellished floral patterns bag is not just a colored or aesthetic addition to your look: it is indeed an upscale mark to express your personality. Therefore adopt the bag embellished with floral prints to express "the hero of your look", by opting for shoes and bag in coordinated harmonious colored floral patterns.

    We offer you: women bag printed with blue big floral supported with detachable shoulder strap by Kipling.

    Style with it women sneakers made of leather and neoprene combined, printed with floral patterns in grey color, in shoelace design and GRAND.ØS technology for further comfy, energy and flexible movement of the feet, by Cole Haan.