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Three Important Steps to Take Care of Colored Hair

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 24-04-2017

It is an indisputable fact that colored hair badly needs extra care and attention compared to normal un-colored hair to protect it against damage, and for you to enjoy a lively youthful look.

Because of the frequent coloring of hair, this might make it exposed to many damages, including lack of its gloss and suppleness, and the change of the color with repeated washing. All these factors may negatively affect its appearance.

Therefore, you need to take extra care of your hair in a completely integrated manner to enhance its color, maintain its healthiness and for you to enjoy a shining hair full of vitality.

Sayidaty Mall recommends that you follow these 3 steps to take care of your colored hair using CHI hair- care products.

  1. First Step:

    his step involves cleaning your scalp and hair roots to maintain and fix its color for as long as possible without damaging it.

    We offer you: Chi Ionic Color Protector Shampoo.

    Its benefits:

    - Cleanses hair gently from roots without disrupting the dye molecules.

    - With sulfate-free technology

    - Strengthens hair and makes it stay rich and vibrant.

    - Adds to colored hair extra resistance and preserves the color for a longer period

    How to apply this shampoo? Apply abundantly on your hair to get the required foam and then rinse with water . Repeat if necessary. 

  2. Second Step:

    fter cleansing your hair with shampoo and water, the second step comes to encapsulate the hair and protect it while adding a touch of gloss to it.

    We offer you: CHI Ionic Color Protector Conditioner.

    Its benefits:

    - Sulfate-free

    - Moisturizes hair

    - Encapsulate hair to protect it against environment factors, heat and pressure.

    - Encapsulates hair follicles and preserves dye molecules inside

    - Incorporates a formula to preserve and maintain the color.

    - Keeps the hair consistent, strong, rich, and shining.

    How to apply?

    Apply abundantly on your hair and rinse with water after 3 to 5 minutes.

  3. Third Step:

    he final and most important step is to protect your hair against the harmful sunrays and strengthening it.

    We offer you: Chi Rejuvenating Masque used in the third step for colored- hair care.

    Its benefits:

    - A mask to protect hair

    - Protect hair against the harmful sunrays

    - Light weight 

    - Adds thickness, gloss and motion to your hair