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5 Trends for Clutch Bags Suitable to Style them with Evening Dresses


Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 17-04-2017

Discover the highlights of clutch trends and fashions for the evenings which you can adopt this season to become the crowned queen of upscale elegance.

Ok! We know that each season you are wondering: What is the right bag for my evening dress? What is new about the fashion of evening bags? Well dear! Do not bother yourself answering these questions because we will reveal to you following 5 trends for clutch bags suitable for every one of your evening dresses.

  1. Clutch Bag for Evenings in Outer handle Style

    This season, clutch bags in outer handle style which rests on the palm of the hand with so much elegance emerged big time! Adopt them to complete your look during the evenings.

    We offer you: clutch bag made of natural leather with a silver handle and detachable shoulder strap in chain design and inside leather lining by LYA LYA.

  2. Clutch Bag for Evenings in Geometrics and Fringes Style

    The oriental touch we spotted this season was very much reflected on clutch bags with geometric lines and architecture motifs. The fringes style also made a strong return in an amazing combination between these two above mentioned styles.

    We offer you: a clutch bag in fringes design on one side with outer cover made of leather plated with copper and gold 22 carat, embellished with characteristic architecture motifs, plated with copper and in side lock design studded with emeralds and zircon in black and golden colors from NS by Noof

  3. Clutch Bag for Evenings in Animal Skin Design

    Always choose what is best for you and matches your evening dress. Our tip for you in this regard is opt for clutch bags embellished with animal skin prints to add exceptional majestic touch to your look. So choose these bags to go with your plain evening dress, or with a dress wholly designed with sequins. We offer you this bag with hand strap in beige and grey colors by Rula Galayini.

  4. Clutch Bag for Evenings in Disco Style

    Adopt the seventies look, or Rock& Roll, or Disco for a further modish and daring look by opting for clutch bags embellished with bold graphics of stars to boost the beauty of your evening dress.

    We offer you: sporty- chic bag in astronomy and stars design, and multicolored by Kotur.

  5. Clutch Bag for Evenings in Mirrors and Pillars Style

    For a modish unique look we offer you a clutch bag in flexible glass 100% design in black color, with golden lock studded with Swarovski LYA LYA

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