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Go in Pace with the Latest Fashion Lines from Fashion Season 2017

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 17-04-2017

Let those modish touches that vibe with youth and chic boost your elegance during the evenings this season. Opt for evening dresses in modern designs to be noticeable in a most classy and soft look, unparalleled and can vie with the most important fashion stars.

To help you say "Mission Accomplished" in this regard, Sayidaty Mall offers you during the discounts week on evening dresses up to 35% sale on the most sophisticated dresses and youth trends so that you enjoy an overwhelming beauty that is guaranteed to set all eyes on you.

  1. Evening Dress in Golden Color

    We start with this floor- length dress in "mermaid design. This magnificent amazing design brings out the very delicate details of the body in outstanding allure and beauty in the latest trends of this season with its beaded fringes style, to add further vivid touch to the elegant dress and your youthful look.

    We offer you: a floor- length evening dress, in golden color, adorned with sequins and embroidered in glittering golden color, in off- shoulders design and beaded fringes on the chest and shoulders with two short sleeves by Sara Collection.

  2. Evening Dress in Sky- Blue Color

    To show up in a most striking look you must opt for a dress in off- shoulders design, the latest trend this season. Our tip for you is not to neglect this trend because it is the most youth style that emerged this season, especially if the outfit is embellished with 3D floral. So these two trending styles will boost your youthful and vivid look.

    We offer you: a floor- length evening dress in off- shoulders design made of taffeta fabric in sky- blue color, embroidered with white flowers on the chest and with a front slit to above the knee, by Eman AlSuhim

  3. Evening Dress in Shining Fabric

    You must have noticed that during this spring/summer season 2017 the shining fabrics for evening dresses dominated the scene with its noticeable sparkling reflections. Opt for shining metallic fabrics to sparkle during your evenings.

    We offer you: a floor- length evening dress in golden color, sleeveless and supported with thin shoulder straps made of shining fabric and in wide design downward, by Kristina Fidelskaya.

  4. Evening Dress in Black Color

    The Disco style was so obvious, not in casual outfits alone, but also in evening dresses as well. These evening dresses were so characterized with such a distinctive and bold style, just like fashion models exactly! So opt for an evening dress embellished with bizarre patterns, distinctive and modish to get that intensive stunning look.

    We offer you: a short evening dress made of black denim fabric, sleeveless and in off- shoulders design, characterized with hand-embroidered patterns, designed by Kara.

  5. Evening Dress in Grey Color

    Discover the beauty of jacquard patterned fabrics by choosing this floor- length evening dress with butter-crepe lining, in grey color, sleeveless and in off- shoulders design by Meher and Riddhima.