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For Gulf Women: the Best Colors of Evening Dresses Suitable for Your Skin Tone

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 17-04-2017

When you choose your evening dress, the first thing that comes into your mind is that you want your look to be totally perfect. This is why choosing the color of the dress to match the skin tone is very important and must be according to certain standards very connected with the reflections of the color on the skin.

At the same time, it is a fact known and established that Gulf women enjoy medium-to- dark- to brunette skin tones, ranging from light to dark.

To enhance your look during your different occasions, we will introduce to you following the best colors of dresses suitable for brunette to dark skin tones of oriental ladies.

  1. Evening Dress in Golden Color

    An evening dress in metallic color such as golden or bronze will amazingly match brunettes to dark skin tones and lends it a reflection in shining bronze allure.

    Therefore, we offer you: a floor- length evening dress in wide fringes design, embroidered with golden threads, sleeveless with back closure button in golden color by Kara.  

  2. Evening Dress in Off- White Color

    This fabulous classy color with its pearly sparkle lends the brunette skin tone a special splendor.

    Therefore, we offer you: a floor- length evening dress, front open, made of soft crepe fabric in off- white color, embellished with lace, sleeveless and in off- shoulder design by Eman AlSuhim.

  3. Evening Dress in Peach Color

    The brunette skin tones and the quiet peach color that comes of the shades of plumps and oranges are considered a perfect match. This is actually the ideal choice of color for oriental Arabic skin tones, and to boost the beauty of your elegance during the evenings, we offer you: a floor- length evening dress in soft peach color, in ruffles –one - shoulder design and made of the upscale taffeta fabric by Eman AlSuhim.

  4. Evening Dress in Shining Black Color

    Still the king of all colors, black of course! And this color is very suitable for brunettes, but our tip for you is to opt for black dress embellished with sequins to add special sparkle to your skin, it is suitable for your skin more than the matt black color.

    For a further majestic and luxury elegance we offer you: a floor- length evening dress made of silk fabric, hand- embroidered with beads and Swarovski crystals, sleeveless, in black color and designed with additional attached piece along the back of the dress with a lace tail, by Kara

  5. Evening Dress in Blue Color

    Highlight the beauty of your skin tone by opting for bright intensive blue shades. These shades are guaranteed to increase your allure and greatly match the color of your skin.

    We offer you: a floor- length evening dress adorned with luxury embroidery in dark blue color, made of lace fabric, in medium- length sleeves and embellished with beads belt on the waist line, by Black Swan Couture

  6. Evening Dress in Burgundy Color

    This magical color can create a hidden background touch on your skin and lends it vitality. We offer you: this floor- length evening dress in burgundy color by Eman AlSuhim.