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Dress in Floral Prints to Welcome Spring 2017

Aya Ahmed. - sayidaty.net / 16-04-2017

Have you ever dreamed of being a princess?

Or have dreamed of walking across a field of flowers maybe, to make friends with the butterflies and dance on the sound of the birds singing and chirping, or even wear a dress that takes you to another imaginary world, a world of beauty and splendor?

Some dresses have actually this effects, what we call it the "Cinderella shoes effect" because they do not only change your mood but also your whole feelings and your whole life altogether.

Oh dear! Do not ever underestimate the power of wearing a dress magnificently designed.

A dress can deliver a message just like the pen of a journalist or the brush of an artist! And a smart woman is the one who can choose the right dress for the right occasion.

And with this dress by Kristina Fidelskaya, you will sure celebrate life, the two of you together!

  1. Luxury Fabric:

    Because it is made of silk fabric, it will make you feel majestic and pampered. During ancient times, only queens used to wear silk, but nowadays you can be a princess too when you buy this dress

  2. Feminine Patterns

    And because the dress is embroidered with floral prints, you will feel it is actually weaved from the flowers of the garden and the craziness of lovers. If you love flowers this dress is the one for you. The most thing characteristic about this dress is that it has kept its simple, yet upscale and classy touch despite the many floral prints. 

  3. Distinctive Design

    The dress is strapless on the shoulders to highlight the beauty of your chest and shoulders. The bones of the neck are considered signs of beauty in women. And with its puffy design it will make you look like a star from the sixties of the last century, like the gorgeous Soad Hosny. 

  4. Amazing Color

    Its soft violet color makes it a first class feminine dress. This violet color is one dreamy quiet one, with its own magical charm. But its most characteristic feature is that it is one of the very few colors that suits the different skin tones: it will look bright on dark skins, delicate on white ones and vivid on brunettes, thus making it a good investment.  You can wear it for several different occasions by only changing the shoes, accessories, makeup and your hair style.

    With its right color, your sister or best friend can borrow it also.

  5. Do not hesitate long to buy this dress which represents indeed an art piece that can be worn on your body.

    This product is available for shipment in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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