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The Latest Abaya Fashions in the Beauty of Spring Colors


Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 12-04-2017

Gulf women have this special passion for abayas, and they are always in search for of what is new in this fashion in terms of colors and designs, and the trendiest designs in this world of abayas.

And as we all know, upscale fashion houses offer each season new lines of designs and fabulous colors that boost the beauty of the looks in abaya. So, we spotted the prettiest fashions of abaya in vivid spring colors and splendid classy designs during spring/summer season 2017 to offer you here on Sayidaty Mall so that you enjoy a beautiful noticeable look.

  1. Abaya in Pink Color

    Make your look so special and distinctive by choosing abaya in "weird" colors that raise questions and role the eyes when you walk through the room. From our part however, we recommend that you opt for abaya in pink color, the most feminine colors of all so that you enjoy an extraordinary look.

    We offer you: Abaya in pink color made of crepe and organza fabrics combined in layers design shaped as triangles downward and with two long sleeves by Abeer Al Suwaidi.

  2. Abaya in Bright Blue Color

    The most distinctive thing about this magical color includes its beauty, its intensive radiance, strong effect and how it lends a woman a contemporary look, unique and distinguished.

    We offer you: front open design abaya in blue color, embroidered with colored threads in roses' shape on the front, with two long sleeves by Glory D'Arabia.

  3. Abaya in Soft Pistachio Color

    This abaya in particular is most characterized with its classy and delicate color of the spring pastel shades, thus lending your look a feminine beautiful touch.

    We offer you: Abaya made of crepe fabric in front open design and pistachio color, embellished on the front with crochet roses in black color and pearls with two wide sleeves by Hana Samman.

  4. Abaya in Warm Peach Color

    If you are searching for abaya that brings out your vital, yet formal personality in unparalleled elegance, opt for the warm peach color in its bright and bold nature to lend you the style you want.

    We offer you: floor- length abaya in open design, two long sleeves made of cotton, polo and stretch fabrics combined in light peach color and embellished with red color on the front by Rana Ismail.

  5. Abaya in Upbeat White Color

    Color white in one of the most suitable colors for spring and summer seasons. In addition, it lends you overwhelming femininity.

    We offer you: casual abaya in dress design and side pockets embellished with floral prints on the back and the trims of the sleeves, made of cotton fabric, 60 inches long and in white color by Nabila Nazer.

  6. Abaya in Classy Grey Color

    The light grey color forced its character this season as one of the most formal spring colors that suits your practical personality and lend you radiance and upbeat touch.

    We offer you: abaya in light grey color made of crepe and organza fabrics in multi-layers design shaped as triangles with long sleeves, by Abeer Al Suwaidi.

  7. Abaya in Beige Color

    This elegant charismatic and enchanting color will suit your looks this season.

    We offer you: abaya made of crepe fabric in front open design, reversible double-faced wear, in beige color and embellished with jacquard fabric and two long wide sleeves by Hana Samman.

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