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Elegant Gulf Dresses from Spring/Summer Season 2017

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 11-04-2017

This is for every Gulf woman to enjoy now the most elegant youthful look by opting for "Gulf Dresses" in modish designs and in pace with the latest trends of spring/summer fashion season 2017.

If you are searching for an upscale dress that expresses your personality, and your oriental identity, and furthermore meets your needs and highlights your beauty, all you have to do is go to Sayidaty Mall online shopping service to get the prettiest pieces during our "Dresses Week" offered to you at big discounts of up to 30%. Do not hesitate to choose what best suits your taste and enjoy a modish oriental look and be the icon of fashion among your friends.

  1. Dress: Gulf Style, Modish Design

    It is a known fact that a Gulf dress is most characterized with numerous embroideries and accessories, in addition to graphics. This season however, the lined lace trend emerged big time, while the patterns and embroideries played well deserved role to add total elegance to your look in a dress, without wearing so much accessories.

    We offer you: a midi dress designed by Zeena Zaki in black color, two long sleeves, made of lace fabric for a striking and formal look, in back hidden zipper design from Julea Domani.

  2. Gulf Dress Inspired by Jalabiya Design

    Jalabiyas in general are considered some of the most basic pieces and very much preferred by Gulf women, especially those jalabiyas embellished with intertwined and multiple patterns. Now you can enjoy a similar look by opting for a dress in wide decent design, made of printed fabric, one of the trendiest fashions for spring/summer 2017.

    To get the upscale Gulf look, we offer you a floor- length dress, casual, with two long sleeves, suitable for a working woman, in green color and embellished with adorned patterns with a belt on the waistline which can be removed, by Black Swan Couture.

  3. Dress Designed to Highlight the Elegance of Jewelries

    It is no secret that Gulf women are mostly characterized with elegance, and with their passion to wear jewelries and bringing them out to the open in their looks.

    You too dear can now be stylish wearing plain body-fitting dress that is guaranteed to lend you a feminine classy look, and highlight at the same time your jewelries with utmost elegance.

    We offer you: midi dress in elegant tight design and dark red color by designer Zeena Zaki, with two long sleeves, V-shape back open for an alluring look, from Julea Domani.

  4. Gulf Dress for Ultimate Upscale Look

    A floor- length dress in most classy design made of crepe silk fabric in soft peachy color and with cap design on the top, embellished with a belt on the waistline, two short sleeves by Black Swan Couture. The dress is a true example of the upscale oriental style of a woman with its delicate, classy and modest design.