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Obagi The Fine Upscale Beauty Products Brand Joins Sayidaty Mall

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 09-04-2017

The international cosmetic company, Obagi which was launched in 1994 by Cellogique Corporation in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the USA has recently joined Sayidaty Mall family.

For woman's beauty Sayidaty Mall established this cooperation with Obagi

Within our efforts to care for you and your beauty and youth, and since Obagi is the leading company in the field of skincare products and works to incorporate the concept of health into your skin by rejuvenating its functions, we established this cooperation between Sayidaty Mall and Obagi to form a platform for every women who wants to get those amazing beauty and skincare products. it is a known fact traditional skin therapeutic products and methods work only on the surface of the skin with limited results, but you will get further effect and quick results with Obagi products.

Cellogique Corporation is a leading company in the world of medical aesthetics and skincare in the Middle East with its medical spas and cosmetic surgery centers that provide the very best in skincare products and progressive treatments.

Obagi's benefits, advantages and results on the skin

Cellogique Corporation incorporated in its latest innovations the concept of Obagi MediSpa, starting in the modern, global and famous Dubai Mall and expanding to famous international shopping malls around the world.

Obagi introduced a special program to restore health for the skin and care for it based on scientific principles. It's program to rehabilitate and restore health to the skin is very unique. Since it offers accurate customized care by integrating comprehensive medical know-how with high skills and advanced innovations.

This comprehensive program was designed to achieve the following results:

1- Restore to the skin its natural ability to handle and eleminate all types of allergy.

2- Maintain the smooth soft texture of the skin and its natural glow.

3- Help the skin to produce a further unified tone.

4-Diminish all signs of skin aging.

5- Further boost the thickness and strength of the skin.

6- Treat all skin problems including acne, the damages inflected on the skin as a result of the exposure to sun rays, enlarged pores, scars, wrinkles and the stubborn skin pigments.

7- Prepare the skin for a set of processes of youth restoration and rejuvenation leading to wonderful amazing results

Why you should buy Obagi skincare products now from Sayidaty Mall?

It is absolutely a must-have now to own your special collection of Obagi beauty and skincare products. Which is  the world best medical aesthetics and skincare products to treat skin aging and diminish all its traces in a unique method. Also to improve its texture even when suffering the severest skin-problems through restoration, rejuvenation and stimulation processes to maintain a healthy skin lifelong.

Shopping Advantages on Sayidaty Mall

Smoothly and easily you create your own shopping bag choosing Obagi beauty and skincare products. We offer you the benefit of free shipping if your purchases exceed SAR, AED 350, with options of cash payment on delivery (COD).

For further inquiries please contact our customer service toll free number anytime day or night, even before making a purchase and we are more than ready to serve you. Order today and tomorrow you will find them on your doorstep!

And now:

Sayidaty Mall offers you a collection of Obagi beauty and skincare products:

  1. Night Cream

    This night cream from Obagi moisturizes the skin deeply, repairs it and fights skin aging signs.

  2. Skin Tightening Toner

     A toner that works on tightening the skin, maintains its pH balance and minimizes the size of pores, by Obagi.

  3. Eye Moisturizing Cream

    This cream for moisturizing the area around the eyes gives it further hydration and freshness, and removes fine lines and black circles by Obagi.

  4. Anti-Aging Serum

    Anti-aging serum that contains extract of stem cells and keeps the skin looking young and radiant by Obagi.

  5. Anti-Aging Lotion

    Lotion helps in hydrating and smoothing the skin in addition to fighting skin aging signs by Obagi.