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Five Colors Dominate Nail Polish Fashion for Summer 2017

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Aya Ahmed - sayidaty.net / 09-04-2017

The color of your nail polish plays a key role in defining the shape of your hands, either by making it more beautiful, or otherwise it may distort your whole look. It indeed constitutes an accessory of its own.

In addition, the right color of  your nail polish will complete your look in simple, elegant and noticeable manner without a buzz.

Not only it highlights the beauty of your hands, but also brings out the elegance of the outfits you are wearing, as well as the beauty of the color of your skin. And with summer just around the corner, it is necessary to choose the right color that will highlight the beautiful tone of your brunette skin and makes it glow. 

This year however, five colors dominated the nail polish fashion season, for summer in particular. Find following in this article these amazing colors and how to style them with your outfits! 

  1. Color White

    If black is the master of all colors, white is the king of them all this summer! The purity of white makes it one of the basic colors this summer, not only for nail polish but also as seen during international fashion shows. The special thing about white nail polish is that it is not restricted to the colors of outfits; it can be worn with many different colors of clothes.

    If you have brunette or dark skin tone you should try this color.

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  2. Light Blue

    How can one forget to mention light blue when speaking about summer season? This amazing color makes us float up to the blue sky of summer, showering us with joyful feelings as summer vacation approaches.

    It is indeed a lively, vivid and youthful color that suits all skin types.

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  3. Yellow Neon

    If you have this loud unruly personality this yellow neon color is what you are looking for.

    It is absolutely an eye-catching color preferred by bold daring women and suits brunettes very much.  

  4. Color Pink

    When we speak of femininity as a color for nail polish one should instantly mention the pink color which is adored by most women.

    It is a lively color full of hope and cheerfully restores childhood memories to a woman.

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  5. Orange Color

    This orange color enjoys its own charm and lends vitality and motion to your look. It is a summer color par excellence!

    If you are a passionate lover of this color you should try this vital elegant color that suits all skin tones. 

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