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A Modern Look in Jumpsuit and Crossbody Bags

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 05-04-2017

Bags are not for keeping stuff and items only, but also to further boost the elegance, beauty and upscale of your look.

It is indeed one of the most amazing and noticeable accessories that makes your look more classy and youthful.

Today we will introduce to you two of the trendiest items in the world of fashion so that you look fabulous and dressy, by concerting the jumpsuit with the crossbody bag in a modish style, most characterized with its upscale touch to enhance the beauty of your look.

Following we will reveal to you how to do that, and you can shop what most suits your taste of the prettiest bags with great discounts, up to 30 percent and give you the chance to show up in an elegant classy look with affordable prices.

  1. The Icon of Fashion


    Some of you ladies think that a look in jumpsuit and crossbody bag suits only those who love modish casual style, but the fact is that if you styled this look properly it will also suit your classic taste when you opt for formal crossbody bags in geometric shapes such as rectangular or square.

    For an upscale look we offer you: long jumpsuit in off-white color by Kristina Fidelskaya, with high round neckline and bare shoulders, embellished with brown leather belt on the waist and long straight cut pants.

    We styled with it leather women bag embroidered with threads, in medium size for easy and comfy movement, embellished with a golden ring featuring the trade name by Paris Hilton.

  2. The Elegance of Modern Casual

    For lovers of the bold casual look, we recommend that you ladies opt for the jeans jumpsuit and a crossbody bag with vivid colors and bold shapes.

    We offer you: a formal jumpsuit for daily wear, long and with one front pocket on the chest, casual in dark blue color and fringe design of silver bells, sleeveless and made of denim fabric by Jeans Couture.

    We styled with it a small bag with adjustable shoulder straps in red color by Kipling.

  3. Such a Warm Beauty

    On the steps of the French chic, enjoy a most delicate look by opting for jumpsuit in the bright classy pastel shades. Style with it this magnificent leather bag to further enhance your look and show up dressy and elegant.

    We offer you this long jumpsuit in green color by Kristina Fidelskaya, with high round neckline, bare shoulders and embellished with brown leather belt on the waist.

    We styled with it BUDDY SAMBAL leather bag, sporty-chic with long shoulder straps in brown color from Eastpak.

    Suitable to hold all your important personal items wherever you go, can be worn on your body during travel to give you a practical look and boost your self-confidence.

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