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Gulf Elegance…Bags to Match Your Abaya with Discounts up to 30 Percent

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 04-04-2017

Well: how cool is that? We are still offering you chic lady during our special "Bags' Week" amazing discounts up to 30 percent so that you show up with utmost distinctive style in all your looks wearing the latest trends of characteristic bags.

We sure know how much a bag is important to women in general, and Gulf ladies in particular, and the classy touch it adds to their appearance, so we will offer you following some tips on how to choose the right bag to match your abaya in various looks. You will absolutely enjoy a look full of majestic and luxury, yet with a stunning Gulf touch!

  1. A Look in Soiree Abaya

    Complete you classy and stylish look with a black majestic abaya suitable for the evenings, by opting for an elegant clutch bag in an upscale feminine color to enjoy such a luxurious appearance.

    We recommend you wear a metallic clutch bag. The most dominant feminine colors for this season include the pink color to break away from the sharpness of the black color and to lend your look a further alluring touch.

    We offer you: this formal abaya made of silk and chiffon fabric and embellished with crystal brooch, with wide and elegant design in black and two long sleeves, perfect for special occasions by Black Swan Couture.

    Bailey clutch bag inspired by décors of Cartier and Van Cleef. This will add a romantic touch to your look with its stunning pink color by Kotur.

  2. A Look in Youthful Abaya

    Girls prefer all that is new and daring to add a touch to their looks in modern abayas.

    Our tip for you is to be more daring and bold by opting for patterned bags embellished with animal skin prints, or any other different prints. We also recommend that you opt for bags with buttons and attractive bright colors for a beautiful youthful look.

    We offer you: formal women abaya in front open design, two long sleeves wide from top and tight on the edges, in beige color and handmade embroidery on the collar, 60 inches long and made from soft linen fabric, by Nabila Nazer.

    Leather women bag to help you move around in total comfort, in burgundy color and with firm closure buckle, embellished with patterns in pink and the trademark inscription, by Paris Hilton.

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