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Stride on the Footsteps of Fashionable Elegance with Balloon Bags and Sandals with Great Discounts

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 28-03-2017

Women just love sandals in high heels: they are comfy and lend their figures sexy elegance. This is why most women strongly opt for sandals because they complete their looks.

For you dear to enjoy such a modish sexy elegance, to complete your look and show up gorgeous at all times we recommend that you choose balloon bags which topped the fashion shows this season.

Sayidaty Mall offers you a wide selection of upscale sandals that will amaze you along with the stylish balloon bags, all coming to you with discounts up to 35 percent during this week of discounts on bags and shoes. Shop now and the next moment you will find them at your doorstep! 

Opt for a white shirt of denim and jeans pants for upscale elegance, and style with them both comfy sandals and classy balloon bag.

For a stylish, yet practical look suitable for a modern formal appearance we offer you: women leather sandals in high rocky heels, embellished with laser cuts of Arabic calligraphy by Aennis Eunis.


Women bag handmade in Venezuela, in grey color and embellished with a tie for closure by Soraya Hennessy

Rocky sandals enjoyed widespread reputation this season. Choose rocky sandals and a matching bag, and then style both with a short skirt to highlight your elegance and graceful figure, and increase your allure.

We offer you: women sandals in rocky high heels design, in silver color and most characterized with its ultra-beautiful complicated design of laser cuts by Aennis Eunis.


Women bag, handmade in Venezuela in beige and brown colors, embellished with a tie in fringe design for closure by Soraya Hennessy.  

Also opt for sparkling delicate details, and style these with bold stark colors for unmatched youthful elegance.

We recommend you style a short dress in white color with metallic sandals, and balloon bag.

We offer you: women sandals made of shining golden leather, high stiletto heels and in Arabic calligraphy design by Aennis Eunis.


Women bag handmade in Venezuela in red color embellished with a tie of fringes for closure by Soraya Hennessy.