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Sayidaty Mall Offers You 30 Percent Discounts on Evening Shoes and Bags for Spring/Summer 2017

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 26-03-2017

New fashion trends for shoes and bags were sweeping all over the catwalks recently, starting from delicate leathers to patterns and graphics, thus achieving a fancy blend in just one look.

Enjoy the latest trends of bags and shoes for your evenings and special occasions to project a further characteristic harmony in your look.

Sayidaty Mall offers you this week a great opportunity during "The shoes and bags week" with amazing discounts amounting to 30 percent. Do not dare to miss these discounts which are guaranteed to crown you as the Queen of fashion and elegance, and beating everybody else to these best prices.

Order them now to be delivered at your doorstep from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates in a blink!

  1. Streaming Metallic and Classical Colors

    Metallic colors smoothly and flowingly swept over women accessories this season, especially when it comes to coordinating bags and shoes. These two items were employed in amazingly elegant style, with grading different shades to reflect modernity and sparkling.

    Even when opting for any of these pieces in metallic colors, the bag or the shoes, and styling it in one classical color of earth or oily colors, you will end up looking striking elegant and chic.

    For such a striking look we offer you:

    Brag women shoes in shining golden leather, open toe design, high stiletto heels, with laser cuts and the trademark signature, by Aennis Eunis.

    Price: before discount (SAR/AED  2,175.00), after (SAR/AED 1,087.50)

    Bailey clutch bag inspired by the old décor designs of Cartier and Van Cleef. It will add a romantic touch to your look.The bag designed as a box wrapped in green leather.

    Price: before discount (SAR 2,298.00), after (SAR 1,608.60)

  2. Loving the Youth

    Go out of the box! Let your choices be different and phenomenal when selecting the bag and shoes for your evening and shift away from the classical sharp frames this season to glow and dress up in a pretty and bold style, with a touch of fun and youth. Why not? This is trending now so do not miss it.

    Opt for a bag embellished with colors and graphics, styled with high heels to enchant everybody during the evening.

    We offer you with the best low prices: red women shoes made of velvet and stiletto high heels, while the delicate Arabic calligraphy in laser cuts and golden leather add a touch of sparkling to your whole appearance, by Aennis Eunis

    Price: before discount (SAR/AED 2,005.00), after (SAR/AED 1,002.50)

    Sporty-chic clutch handbag in multicolored stars and astronomy designs design by Kotur.

    Price: before discount (SAR 3,998.00), after (SAR 2,798.60)

  3. Soft Leather

    Designers decided this season to make leather more glowing with its classy touch, to add a further eye-catching feminine appearance to the lady. Be noticeable with a most delicate upscale look by opting for soft leather for your shoes and bag during your evenings.

    We offer you: women shoes in stiletto high heels made of leather. The velvet delicate laser cuts add a touch of sparkling black to the design, by Aennis Eunis.

    Price: before discount (SAR/AED 2,295.00), after (SAR/AED 1,147.50)

    Clutch bag made of fabric and leather combined in black color, embellished with patterns of the first initials of the trade mark by Paris Hilton.

    Price: before discount (SAR 420.00), after (SAR 336.60).