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Our Own Beauty Week on Sayidaty Mall Getting Momentum: Mask Especially for You to Regain Glow to Your Skin

Beauty & Makeup

Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 22-03-2017

Are you eager to get that feeling of freshness and vitality, to enjoy a natural look?

If you really want all this, there is no better way to make your wish come true than using skin masks to give you natural beauty, and a clear gorgeous skin thanks to its rich content of vitamins and minerals that easily penetrates the depth of your skin and nourish it with the essential elements it needs.

Here on Sayidaty Mall we offer you the best quality masks of the finest international brands that are guaranteed to give your skin natural vitality and freshness to boost your beauty wonderfully. All you have to do is shop these products here on Sayidaty Mall online store in the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia.

 إذا كنت تريدين ذلك فعلاً، فلا يوجد أفضل من استخدام الماسكات التي ستمنحك جمالاً طبيعياً، وبشرة صافية خلابة بفضل غناها بالفيتامينات والمعادن التي تتغلغل بكل سهولة داخل البشرة، وتمدها بالعناصر القيِّمة التي تحتاجها. وفي "سيدتي مول" وفرنا لك أفضل الماسكات ذات الجودة الكبيرة، ستمنحك حيوية وانتعاشاً طبيعيين من أفضل الماركات العالمية، كما ستعزز جمالك لتظهري بشكل رائع. كل ما عليك فعله هو تسوقها من متجرنا في الإمارات، والسعودية.

  1. Rodial Mask Face Anti-Aging Product

    Give your skin apparent fullness, youthfulness and suppleness in seconds.

    We offer you: face mask rich with moisturizing effects and gives instant results thanks to its ingredients of Hyaluronic acid, and soothes dry skin with its benefits of antioxidants, while the Gransil DMCM-5 treats the imperfections and flaws on the skin to become firm and smooth, by Rodial.

    Price: before discount (SAR/AED  273.38), after (SAR/AED 207.79).

  2. Peeling Mask

    One of the best masks you should apply on your skin is the mud mask because the skin quickly absorbs its nourishing ingredients into the depth, thus purifying and cleaning it thoroughly thanks to its richness of vitamins. We recommend that you apply this mud mask once a week.

    We offer you: mud mask with triple effect: cleanse the skin in depth, peels and restores its healthy appearance. It contains Pronalen fruit acids™ to peel and regenerate the skin gently, while its ingredient of laracare® helps in fighting aging signs and strengthen and protects the skin against damaging outside factors by further moisturizing it. It is actually the perfect mask to activate the skin after a long night of partying or celebrating, by Rodial.

    Price: before discount (SAR/AED  300.90), after (SAR/AED 225.68)

  3. Neck Moisturizing Mask

    One of the most mistakes a woman do is taking care of her face and neglect the neck which usually is more affected with aging signs that appears more quickly on it than the face if not taken care of properly.

    You should take care of the central focus of your beauty with this neck mask which contains 8 packages with the bio-cellulose technology to moisturize your neck in-depth. It also contains amino acids and wheat proteins to tighten the skin instantly so that you enjoy a further youthful look, by Rodial.

    Price: before discount (SAR/AED  382.50), after (SAR/AED 286.88)

  4. Eye Mask

    Remove the fatigue signs around your eyes and enjoy a most radiant skin. Just include your daily beauty routine with full care treatment for this area around the eyes 3 times a week using "Gel Eye Mask" which combines the bio-cellulose technology to intensely hydrate and moisturize the delicate skin around the eyes, with Rodial's unique dragon’s blood complex that soothes the skin, whilst the arnica extract helps reduce appearance of baggy eyes and puffiness for an instantly brighter look, by Rodial.

    Price: before discount (SAR/AED  274.38), after (SAR/AED 205.79)

  5. Bathing Milk to Nourish and Smooth the Skin

    To enjoy a hydrated and fresh skin, spoil and pamper it with this milk bath.

    We offer you: this refreshingly scented milk bath which you can add to your bathtub. It contains sweet almond oil, coco and honey. It makes your skin smooth and healthy. Available in 400 ml bottle by Zoella

    Price: before discount (SAR/AED 59.00), after (SAR/AED 47.20)