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Basket of Hair Care Products for Mom on Her Special Day by Show Beauty

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 19-03-2017

Along the years, women lose the beauty and strength of their hairs, especially with the frequent coloring, and the spilt ends and breaking which all lead to losing its bounciness and suppleness.

So, make use of Mother's Day to present to your Mom a basket full of hair care products to be able to restore back the vitality and glow to her hair and make it look healthier.

The basket contains the best hair products that nourish, strengthen and moisturize the hair and protect it against damaging factors.

Sayidaty Mall offers you a distinguished collection of hair care products all in one basket to present a healthy gift for mama on her annual day   

  1. Mask for a Healthier and More Powerful Hair by Show Beauty

    Mother needs to restore some strength to her hair especially if she is a frequent user of hair colors. Opt for a marvelous hair mask for a healthier and stronger hair to present to your mama as a gift on Mother's Day. The mask is a mixture of beans protein, Quinoa with water to improve the elasticity and shininess of the hair. The other compositions of the mask consist of several different proteins that strengthen its tissues from the inside, while the pro-vitamin B5 enhances its thickness, and the caviar and white truffles moisturize it perfectly, making it further soft and silky.

  2. Cream for a Soft Hair by Show Beauty

    With age, hair loses its vitality and moisture. Add this amazing cream to your "gift basket" so your Mom enjoys a great soft hair. The cream is known for keeping the hair smooth and soft, well- nourished from the roots to its ends. It contains safflower seeds oil, argan oil and jojoba, by Show Beauty.

  3. Balsam for Ideal Moisturizing of the Hair by Show Beauty

    This balsam will be a magnificent addition to your gift collection of hair care products to your Mom. It restores the normal levels of hydration to the hair and is most characteristic with its unique composition of white truffles, caviar and Shea butter. The balsam penetrates the hair fibers to give it extra ideal strength, extraordinary shine and radiant. For better results apply the balsam after shampooing the hair with Pure Moisture Shampoo by Show Beauty.

  4. Lotion for Further Thick Hair, Increased liveliness and Luster by Show Beauty

    To complete your special collection, add this lotion which is guaranteed to increase the thickness, vitality and luster of the hair. It contains polymer formula saturated with useful minerals to protect the hair against long and medium ultra-violet sunshine, while its composition of ammonyx catac moisturizes the hair in depth, by Show Beauty.

  5. Spray to Protect Hair against Heat

    This spray to protect hair against severe heat contains wheat protein, antioxidants and maintains the coloring of hair by Show Beauty.

  6. Spray to Fix Color- Treated Hair by Show Beauty

    For your mama to enjoy fixed color-treated hair, style and control it high, opt for this fixing spray. Its composition of polymer for styling colored hair will ensure a steady hold all day long, while vitamin H and litchi fruit ingredients reduce its dullness by Show Beauty.

  7. Hair perfume by Show Beauty

    Finally, a touch of the amazing hair perfume on Mother's Day. We offer you this perfume inspired by the splendor of Maldives Islands. It was manufactured in French perfumery and designed to add a finishing touch of elegance and luxury on the hair, contains rose water, coconut milk, caramel butter and Madagascan Vanilla, by Show Beauty.