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With This Makeup Bag Most Appropriate for Her Age, Restore Youth to Your Mom

Beauty & Makeup

Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 19-03-2017

Regardless of their age, women, and mothers for this regard are always eager on preserving their beauty and elegance.

So we recommend, if you are still confused and haven't found the right gift for your Mom on Mother's Day yet that you present to her a special bag filled with all that she desires of beauty products appropriate for her age, and are guaranteed to lend her look the beauty, splendor, vitality and youth appearance without exaggeration.

Sayidaty Mall offers you the best beauty products suitable for all mothers from the age of forty. Choose what best suits your queen of heart on her special day.

  1. Moisturizer in Moderate Color to Protect Against Sunshine

    This is actually a substitute for the heavy foundation cream. We recommend you add this to the beauty bag for your Mom. It covers all impurities on the skin, moisturizes, improves the skin tone and gives it a radiant look. It can be used as a base for makeup and it hides skin aging signs, includes SPF20 sunscreen and appropriate for all seasons and skin types, by Rodial Hamptons.

  2. Spray Foundation Cream to Cover Wrinkles

    This is one of the best beauty products for mother. It will give her look a radiant youthful appearance; so, add it to the bag you are presenting to your mama.

    We offer you: spray foundation cream, moisturizes the skin, colorless, and contains hyaluronic acid to hide wrinkles and impurities. It can be applied on skin before makeup, by Rodial.

  3. Facial Whitening Powder

    To set and fix the makeup present to your Mom this powder for whitening the skin tone. It will lend her skin a radiance and smooth layer, most suitable for a finishing radiant makeup look, by Rodial.

  4. Eye Shadow Palette

    Present to your mother this eye shadow palette for quiet upscale eyes suitable for her age.

    We picked for you: this classical eye shadow palette containing 6 colors with non-glossy, pearly natural pigments to define the eyelids and eye-linings, suitable for a night smoky makeup, easy to use and with long lasting hold, by Rodial

  5. Blusher in Pink Color

    The ideal blusher to finish the makeup: smooth and soft on the skin and gives it a natural glow plus it absorbs the oil from oily skin, comes in rosy color by Rodial.

  6. Saint Lipstick in Rose Color

    One of the classiest colors of lipstick is the rose shade which is close to the natural color of the lips. Add this Saint lipstick to the beauty bag of your Mom which comes in non-gloss rosy color, contains 10 percent pigments, moisturizes the lips and has long lasting hold by Lipstick Queen.

  7. Glamolash Skinny Mascara in Black Color

    Mascara for lengthened and separated lashes comes in matt black color, 7ml, with long last hold. It also makes the eyes look wider and enhanced by Rodial.

  8. Bag for Makeup Brushes

    Complete your gift for your Mom with a set of multipurpose makeup brushes, and a bag of faux leather to contain these brushes. It is divided into 6 separate sections with silver zipper closure for the brushes and comes in black color by Rodial.

  9. Clutch Bag for Beauty Products

    Last but not least, present for you Mom this clutch bag for beauty products in light pink color and zipper design, ideal to be placed in the bathroom and for weekends, by Zoella.