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Fascinating Makeup Collections with Amazing Discounts for the Queen of your Heat on Mothers Day

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 16-03-2017

Regardless of their age mothers well always adore beauty: why? Because motherhood does not necessarily mean stop taking care of one's beauty, on the contrary:  mothers at this age are more eager to bring out their beauty using the latest cosmetic trends.

Help your mama to highlight her beauty, allure and femininity by presenting to her the prettiest makeup collection appropriate for her age, yet in pace with the trends of the season, and above all  that will satisfy her beauty needs.

All you need dear is to send her a basket of colorful flowers, full of beauty products from Sayidaty Mall, the online shopping service that offers you an awesome bouquet made especially for your mama on her special day from the finest and upscale beauty products and with unbelievable discounts. Shop them today, and they will be tomorrow at your doorstep!

  1. A Set of Dazzling Lipstick

    Put in the makeup basket a wonderful lipstick set as a gift for your Mom. The set is most characteristic with its colors suitable for all skin types and appropriate for all times.

    We offer you: Liptropolis lipstick set available as a collection or individually in several colors, including red, nude and peach all characterized with their glossy and ultra-moisturizing effects, by Lipstick Queen

    Price: before discount: AED 295.00, after: AED 221.25

  2. A Set for Beautiful Eyelashes

    Present to your Mom this set of makeup for eyelashes and lips consisting of Glamolash XXL mascara for thick eyelashes in black color lasting all day long with its compositions of beeswax for smoothing the lashes, carnauba wax to separate the bristles apart and collagen for further thickness and gloss. The  is available  in mascara tube container 10.5 ml. The  Glam Balm-10 lips balm comes with roses flavor, moisturizes and nourishes the lips thanks to its composition of stem cells technology, lactic acid and Shea butter, by Rodial.

    Price: before discount: AED 250.00, after: AED 187.50

  3. A Set to Glow and Shine

    For enchanting sparkling eyes present to your mother this makeup box set which contains bronze facial powder, blusher, highlighter for support and definition and 6 amazing smoky eye shadows in glossy and non-glossy mixture, by Lottie London

      Price: before discount: AED 89.00, after: AED 71.50

  4. The Beauty Set for Beautiful Amazing Eyes

    Present to your mama a very special set of makeup to enjoy the look of attractive nice eyebrows. The box set contains two natural eye shadows of powder and wax in brown and beige colors, small tweezers and a brush, by Lottie London

      Price: before discount: AED 69.00, after: AED 55.20

  5. The Beauty Set for Stunning Nails

    In the beauty and classy pastel colors very appropriate for Moms, add to your "bouquet of beauty" which you will present as a marvelous gift for your dear Mom this box set of nail polish by Ciate.

    Price: before discount: AED 150.00, after: AED 79.50

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