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The Youth Box… Your Magical Gift for the Queen of Your Heart

Beauty & Makeup

Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 16-03-2017

Mothers these days no longer resemble our grandmas in the old days in terms of neglecting their beauty and skin. No, not anymore, because Moms of our times take good care of their skin and seek to maintain their youths and lively skins and fight aging marks with any available and possible means. However, they easily get tired from the daily visits to beauty clinics to acquire this youthful appearance, or they just do not know how to use skincare products, because sometimes the continuous daily skincare process is the perfect way to reduce or delay aging marks on the skin.

So, we recommend that you present to your mama on Mother's Day this luxurious basket of skincare products to maintain her youth and take a good care of her skin.

These products you can find here on Sayidaty Mall shopping service, where you could find just the right gift for your mama and make her happy.

  1. Anti- Aging Mask

    With its natural, rich and active ingredients to fight aging marks, we offer you this product with its ingredients including tamarind, vitis vinifera, wheat germ oil, soy protein phthalate, corn kernel extract, pomegranate bark extract and argan oil. This product is actually an innovative solution made of natural ingredients and created to fight signs of skin aging, lack of its bounciness and resilience, and to actively fight visible signs of skin stress, and has a strong immediate effect on the skin, by Petit Jardin Milano. 

  2. Anti- Aging Serum

    With the strong effect of stem cells extract which restores the glow of the skin, we offer you this anti- aging serum which contains stem cells extract and is guaranteed to keep the skin looking young and radiant, by Obagi.

  3. Anti- Aging Night Cream

    We offer you this anti- aging night cream very active and effective in fighting skin aging signs, very smooth and works during the night while the skin cells are in the process of regenerating. This is indeed an immediate effective solution against wrinkles, it revives dull and tired skin and makes its tone further unified and subtle with the skin looking firmer on the next morning and lends it natural softness and smoothness that last hours by Petit Jardin Milano.

  4. Anti- Aging Day Cream

    To create an immediate, lasting and natural effect on the skin, and fight skin aging at the same time, add this product to your basket of skincare products for your mother. This cream fights skin aging with its amazing mixture of natural extracts, and active bio-ingredients that visibly fight skin aging and leave it feeling smooth and velvet. The results will show clearly after two weeks of use, by Petit Jardin Milano.

  5. Toner to Tighten the Skin by Obagi

    Give your Mom this product to restore back her skin balance. This toner will tighten the skin and maintain its balance and works like an astringent for the pores by Obagi.

  6. Anti- Aging Snake Eye Cream o2

    Add to the youth box gift for your Mom this effective cream which contains a cocktail of active ingredients to tighten the skin, revive its texture and reduce wrinkles and fine lines by Rodial.

  7. Moisturizing Anti- Wrinkles Cream

    We offer you this moisturizing cream which is actually a dose of oxygen for the skin with its light composition that treats pale skin, reaffirms its tissues and revives it thoroughly. Once this cream is applied on the skin it will look young and radiant again, by Rodial.

  8. Super- Fit Arm Sculpt Gel by Rodial

    Last but not least, we offer you this amazing healthy product with its revolutionary double-action composition. It reshapes the upper arms area and contains a strong mixture of bodyfit™, and skin tightener ST. It also helps in sculpting and tightening the skin on the upper arm, by Rodial.

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