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Aya Ahmed - sayidaty.net / 16-03-2017

Some products enjoy the love and passion of every Mom, regardless of their ages and tastes. This is simply because these are essential and basic products for everyday life.

So: Voila! Here you are with these much selected items which are guaranteed to get the attention and admiration of your Mom!

We have chosen for you:

  1. Wristwatches are some of the most basics every woman needs to complete her look. We have chosen this elegant wristwatch by Maserati in golden color which can by styled with many looks. 

  2. Shoes on the other hand are characterized with their designs. Comfy shoes are what every woman looks for, so we have chosen for you: 

    Women sandals in golden color by the world-famous designer Aennis Eunis

  3. Because mothers are always busy, they get confused when choosing their clothing, so we picked for you this abaya by Abeer Al Suwaidi in golden color which can be easily worn and yet keep its elegant enchanting appearance. 

  4. And! We saved the best for the last and this is why we saw that it is fit to close our paragraph with this Pearl Musk Oud from Oud Al-Maliki for its sweet feminine and distinctive fragrance. 

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