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Marvelous Wristwatches and Rings for Mothers Day


Aya Ahmed - Dubai - sayidaty.net / 14-03-2017

She is your first friend, your greatest supporter, the hope you resort to whenever the clouds hoover over your head and things get very tight around you:  Mother, a small word that sum up all the meanings of love, affection and empathy.


When we were young, she was the only one to spoil us, stay awake at night when we were sick and the first one to share our joy and happiness. But now, it is about time to spoil her with these very elegant pieces as a gift for her on this special Mother's Day of her!

Moms love mostly rings and wristwatches, as they make the shape of the hand prettier and more feminine and alluring. Watches add unlimited upscale and majestic.

A golden wristwatch has its own individual charm, luxury and elegance.

This golden watch by Coach is guaranteed to make her feel beautiful and elegant.

And, if you have passion for mixing colors, this watch is your best choice.

It comes in the two colors of silver and gold by Ferre Milano, and can by styled with several different looks.

Mixing colors is not limited to silver and gold, other colors can also be combined in a watch such as this watch by Rochas that will add pleasure and cheerfulness, and will make the hands of your Mom look younger and softer, by Rochas.

Selecting a ring as a gift is an art in itself. In fact, rings are some of the most pieces we get attached to personally. It will be most wonderful when mother remembers how much her children love her every time she wears such a magnificent ring.

This ring in light pink color is most feminine by Julie Sandlau, and can be worn with other rings also to give the hands a delicate and nice look.

Speaking of luxury rings, we offer you this very majestic ring by Just Cavalli in its chic design and turquoise stone.

Last but not least, if elegant rings actually have their own title, this ring of rose gold by Glow Diamonds will be it. The elegant color and delicate details are guaranteed to make it very special.