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A Throwback to the Eighties Fashion this Spring/Summer 2017

Clothes & Shoes

Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 08-03-2017

It seems the fashions of the eighties are still in the air nowadays, ruling forcefully over the world of glamor and fashion with its highlighted lines.

Actually we have seen these fashions sparkle and shine during spring/summer 2017 season, and many designers adopted the style and got further creative in displaying designs that were dependent on the most important factors at play during the time. The fashions also involved several basic lines which we will introduce to you in the following lines, along with latest designs just so that you to shine in a fancy contemporary style.   

  1. Glittering Sequin

    Sparkling extensive sequins dominated the fashion scene in 2017 just like they did during the eighties, especially on evening dresses.

    Now you can look beautiful in a dress of sequins totally starting from the top downward for a very noticeable look

    We offer you: a floor-length evening dress embellished with sequins in open back design, golden color and two short sleeves by Badgley and Mischka.

  2. Shining Fabrics

    We noticed that metallic fabrics and shining pastel colors added a touch of modish elegance tinted with class and boldness according to the eighties style.

    We offer you: the latest shining fabrics of metallic and bright colors styled as an evening ensemble consisting of short blouse in white and blue combined, embroidered with roses on the side, medium length sleeves with back closure buttons. And a floor- length skirt in wide design downward in blue color and back zipper by Dorian Ho.

    We also offer you: a floor- length evening dress, sleeveless, made of taffeta fabric and embellished with organza in ruffles design on the waistline and back, belt on the waist with back zipper design and in silver and rosy colors by Dorian Ho.

  3. Short Tops

    During the eights, bare-waist outfits were widespread suggesting bold and youthful looks. Ladies: the trend is back anew with two pieces including the short blouses and jackets to highlight the beauty of the graceful thin waist; How cool is that?

    We offer you: a casual  ensemble made of two pieces, a short sleeveless top with back zipper design and a midi skirt in A design, in silver color with back hidden zipper design, made of rayon fabric by Pink Salt.

  4. Epaulet Shoulders

    The first thing that pops to our minds about the fashions of the eighties is when stars used to show up in high big puffy shoulders, or epaulet shoulders.

    This season we've spotted a retro to this trend of the big noticeable shoulders. But beware dear! The trend is not a match for ladies with wide or tall figures.

    We offer you: a midi majestic dress in ruffles design made of jacquard fabric in golden beige color, long sleeves and embellished with crystal stones on the chest by ArAm.

  5. Classical Rain Coat

    This coat of all times was seen in many movies of the eighties. It is mostly characterized with its classic design just like men's coats, but now has become a trendy fashion preferred by women.

    Dress up now with an elegant raincoat and short dress to keep pace with fashion trends of 2017.

    We offer you: a long leather coat in olive green color, embellished with leather belt in green color, long sleeves, two front pockets and zipper design by Kristina Fidelskaya.

  6. Embroidered Jeans Jacket

    This season featured fun and youth spirits with the emergence of jeans garments, especially jeans jackets with embroideries and patterns in modern designs.

    We offer you: a short women jacket for daily, formal and semi-formal wear, in blue color made of denim fabric, in long wide sleeves design with lining and embellished with velvet hand-embroidered- patterns by Jeans Couture.