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5 Magnificent Gifts on Mothers Day

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آية أحمد - sayidaty.net / 08-03-2017

هناك هدايا تسعد كل من يحصل عليها. فهى هدايا قيمة ذو جودة عالية مع أناقة تلفت الأنظار، وما يميز هذه الهدايا ليس فقط كونها متنوعة بل يمكنك شرائها كلها لتكون هدية مميزة ومكتمله، فاختلاف هذه الهدايا تنعش الحواس من فخامة الساعات وأناقة الأحذية وتميز الشنط وجمال البشرة ورفاهية الخواتم.

أحصلى عليها الآن و اسعديها.

  1. Majestic Watch:

    Wristwatches have their own special glamor, and wristwatches in particular can last years to come.

    This women wristwatch in golden color by Juicy Couture is an ideal choice. Its golden bracelet and studded crystals lend its appearance further majestic touch.

  2. Elegant Shoes

    Pretty shoes add a touch of beauty to the whole outfits. And with these very characteristic black shoes by Aennis Eunis, embellished with Arabic calligraphy constitute the most gorgeous gift and can by styled with many looks, and restore liveliness to any old abaya in a mother's wardrobe.

  3. Unique Handbag

    Handbags are some of the essential pieces for ladies. So what is better and more beautiful than an upscale and luxurious handbag made of leather in black and white by Cole Haan as a gift on Mother's Day? Unmatched gift indeed!!

  4. Skin Beauty

    Sometimes mothers forget the importance of taking care of their skin, but with the collection of Dragons Blood for skin and eye care, such a task will become easy and probably their favorite ever.  


  5. Classy Ring

    This Sweet Pea ring by Julie Sandlau in silver and light blue color will reflect the spirit of joy and add sparkle to any mother's everyday life, and will remind her of the love of her children every time she wears it.

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