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The Prettiest Trends and Colors of Makeup for Unmatched Allure in 2017

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Sayidaty Mall - sayidaty.net / 06-03-2017

Spring/summer fashion shows are still bringing more pleasant surprises for us, and because we greatly care for your beauty, we spotted on Sayidaty Mall the prettiest makeup colors, all warm and radiant, and have been displayed during the season for you to dress up and get a stunning beauty noticed by everybody around you.  

Get a new look by adopting natural colors of makeup, pretty and soft so that you strikingly shine and radiate. You can shop these makeup colors from our store where we provided for you a wide selection of the prettiest makeup colors, in line with the latest trends of the season.

  1. Bright Eye-Shadow Colors

    Change the eye-shadow you are used to wear with the serenity colors of nature of the shades of pink, nude and beige, and the bright colors of spring such as the peachy and rosy to add a delicate touch to your appearance. Distribute the eye-shadow on your upper eyelid in one color: avoid mixing colors, only one shade is enough to make your look natural, but make sure to go from the darker shade to the lighter one using delicate strikes with the brush.

    We offer you: an eye-shadow palette containing 9 bold colors for a smoky eye- makeup. The powder is so soft and delicate from Ciate.

  2. Natural Lipsticks

    To get a natural look for your lips use first a lip balm to make your lips smooth and velvet, then opt for a nude color or a light pink shade. The result? An amazing rosy lips.

    We offer you: Saint lipstick in non-glossy rose color, contains 10 percent pigments with long lasting effect and lip balm by Lipstick Queen.

    For a further radiant and shining lips use the lip gloss in a shade close to the color of your lipstick.

    We offer you: Creation lip gloss from the collection Big Bang by Lipstick Queen, in pink color, non-glossy, comes with a serum to moisturize and plump the lips, with unmatched softness.

  3. Natural Glow

    To get that natural glow make sure to use bright light shades of blusher, and the peachy and nude shades which will highlight the beauty of your face and make you look further radiant and glowing and your skin clear and lively. For a stunning breathtaking beauty add touches of highlighter on your cheekbones to give them a light shine that speaks freshness.

    We offer you: a makeup compact containing bronze powder and blusher, highlighter to define and support your makeup process in addition to 6 smoky eye-shadows of glossy and non-glossy ingredients by Lottie London.

  4. Natural Eyebrows

    Eyebrows perfectly arranged and drawn with noticeable proficiency are no longer trendy this season with beauty experts focusing more on natural eyebrows in light colors. To get that natural look all you have to do is to trim your eyebrows, define them and blur their borders to make them look more natural.

    We offer you: eyebrows pencil, soft double gel cream to define the eyebrows accurately with the end design that can be dragged to fill the voids, the other end comes with a brush to shape the hairs of the eyebrows. This set suits women with dark blond hair and brunettes by Rodial

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