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Graphic Expressions on Fashions as Seen during Fashion Weeks for Fall 2018

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 01-03-2017

It is not easy job at all to choose the latest trends of prints and graphics for the season especially with all eyes worldwide are turning during the few coming days to Milan, Paris and New York to follow the new fall fashion shows for 201/2018. All expectations are high anticipating watching the new trends for fashion on catwalks.

So, if you are hunting for the pretties prints and graphics of fashions all you have to do is to browse our site on Sayidaty Mall and you will find on our online shop all what suits you.

Following you will find the latest lines of fashions and graphics shined under the spotlights of catwalks showing the latest international designs of fashions which you-must- have- now!

We will offer you a most distinguished collection of the finest and trendiest international brands that made its mark on the fashion seen during the most glamorous fashion weeks; it will inspire your elegance!

  1. Floral Prints

    We have seen flora expressions in several designs on dresses, a continuation of the trend in this season as well. The trend is most distinctive with its simplicity, lightness and elegance featuring stunning touches of nature especially for you to dress up for your different occasions.

    We offer you:  a floor- length dress in white color, embellished with colored flowers on the waistband, sleeveless, with over short cap in floral prints by Tadashi Shoji.

    Available in Saudi Arabia.

  2. Surreal Prints

    Surreal prints added its obvious magnificent mark on dresses to lend your look a fabulous appearance in 2018. Actually, we spotted several pieces embellished with surreal prints expressing unconscious thoughts of formations of free lines. Allez Vous! Dress up with a piece of the trendiest upscale fashion with this floor-length evening dress in puffy design and black and white colors, without straps, back hidden zipper design and printed with patterns by David Meister.

  3. Classic Nature Prints

    We also spotted  dresses and other pieces embellished with nature prints in its strong impressive theme, going side by side with soft shades and clear lines all forming a real, actual photograph.

    We offer you: a long women jacket, printed with a real painting, embellished with flowers on the shoulder and front buttons design, in pink and green colors, long sleeves by Ana Torres.

    Available in Saudi Arabia.

  4. Colored Lines

    Geometrics as a fashion on dresses made a comeback again but with sharp lines this time and contrasted color shades. The design also combined different colors and sizes to project what is similar to a 3D photo, but despite the intensity of the photo the prints come in youthful lively image.

    We offer you: a floor-length evening dress, tight top puffy downward in blue and red colors and some tints of pink, sleeveless with back hidden zipper by Ana Torres.

    Available in Saudi Arabia.

  5. Mixer of Patterns

    Believe it or not we discovered a treasure this season while watching fashion weeks!  And you know what: this treasure is actually the effects of mixing more than pattern, blending geometrics forms and free lines with floral motifs, all on the backdrop of Greek elegance and its patterns to enhance your look.

    We offer you: a floor-length evening dress made of black lace fabric embroidered with flowers and patterns, with jersey lining in nude color, closed circle neckline design and short sleeves by Tadashi Shoji.

    Available in Saudi Arabia.