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How to Get that Fresh Lively Skin in Winter?

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 21-02-2017

Your skin is dry and flaky in winter? Is it somehow damaged because of the attacks of weather factors and you do not have enough time to treat and take a good care of it?

No worries dear! Now you can overcome all these skin problems in winter just by applying the following tips we offer you here on Sayidaty Mall using the best skincare products available on our online shop to enjoy a most arresting beauty!

  1. Revitalize Your Skin

    Every woman knows the importance of revitalizing the skin to become refreshed and get rid of any traces of fatigue and paleness, increase the blood circulation and oxygenate it from within so that it becomes more invigorated.

    We offer you: a light concentrated oil to revitalize your skin and boost its soft glowing texture. It contains Omega 9 to energize the skin, and the fatty omega sacha inchi 3 in addition to antioxidants to prevent the appearance of aging marks and for you to enjoy a health glowing skin from Rahua. It will also help your skin to fight any traces for aging because of its composition of vitamin E and antioxidants that will revive and refresh your skin the moment you get up from bed in the morning.

  2. Treatment of Hyperpigmentation of Skin

    Cold weathers always put a toll on your skin including dark brown spots resulting from dryness and use of warm water to wash the skin. To unify the skin tone we recommend that you use cold water and dry your face gently, then use this cream to treat hyperpigmentation.

    We offer you: Radiance Day Cream, characteristic with its natural composition that adopts the Ayurveda medicine, and contains a vital mixture of peptide acid to repair the skin and amino acids to treat the hyperpigmentation and boost the balance of your skin and unify its tone. Its enhanced extracts that increase hydration and the production of collagen maintain the moisture and softness of your skin.  

  3. Balance the Skin Elasticity

    In wintertime your skin loses its elasticity and freshness, it becomes pale and dull and badly needs to use the skincare products that contain natural vitamins to enhance its elasticity and maintain its balance.

    We offer you: the moisturizing Radiance toner from Urban Veda. It contains a mixture of ultra-effective fruit extracts and gives your skin a special radiance, and maintains the natural balance of skin pH. The other ingredients it contains such as orange skin extracts will unify your skin tone and maintain its natural balance.

  4. Remove Skin Flaks

    Wintertime is the best ultimate time to restore the freshness of your skin and get rid of the dead cells to enjoy a most healthy skin. We recommend you use body exfoliation Radiance Body Scrub with its rich composition of elements extracted from plants and essential oils that effectively clean your skin. It is the perfect ideal choice to clean, moisturize and naturally exfoliate your skin and boost its radiance and glow. The extracts that increase the production of collagen this scrub contains will soften, moisturize and regenerate the skin cells.

  5. Cleansing and Purifying:

    It is a common fact that our skin suffers scratches because of dryness during winter; therefore it is very primitive that you take a good care of it using the best purifying skin products that treat its cells from within.

    We offer you: Purifying skin cleanser by Urban Veda, naturally designed with rich antioxidants. It is a mixture of Ayurveda medicines and contains refreshing essential oils extracted from tea tree, mint, oxidants of berries and acacia and bearberry to nourish the skin.

    The cleansing specifications:

    Its composition is made of the antibacterial and purifying Neem plant, or (neemtree or Indian Lilac as named sometimes), in addition to Arjun tree extracts that enhance the production of collagen to clean, moisturize and soften the skin of your whole body, and the natural menthol crystals that helps in rejuvenating and restore vitality to your tired skin and body ends.