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Moroccan Kaftan in Spring Colors for Women in Hijab by Woodstock

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 21-02-2017

Moroccan kaftan is the piece preferred by many women, especially those in Hijab. But nowadays, this piece is no longer restricted to special occasions with somehow rigid and similar designs which are mostly burdened with heavy embroidery. On the contrary, kaftans have become some of the most majestic and fine fashion pieces overflowing with modish, simplicity and glow, especially with the designs by Woodstock, which we will offer you in the following lines in spring colors full of joy and spirit. They are guaranteed to lend your look an upscale touch inspired by nature, and to be your best choice to welcome your guests. 

And because these designs are most suitable for ladies in Hijab in terms of their modesty and decency, and their fabrics are apt for the warm sunny days of spring, we recommend you grab and style them with chiffon head scarves- Hijab, wether the kaftan you have chosen consists of one piece or two. But you must choose the color of your Hijab very carefully, and preferably in a color that fits the embroidery, or the dominating color embedded in the kaftan so as to maintain a soft, harmonious and quiet look.

With no further delay: Voila! 4 amazing designs by Woodstock for you to choose what best suits your taste to welcome your guests: 

  1. الاختيار الأول: جمال السماوي

    First Choice: The Beauty of Sky Blue

      This is actually a suitable choice for every dreamy woman who loves the sky blue shades, simplicity and quietness.

    Floor- length casual kaftan, long sleeves, multicolored, made of chiffon fabric embellished with patterns by Woodstock.

  2. Second Choice: The Softness of Pink with Turquoise

    This choice is dedicated for every woman who cannot resist the delicacy and softness of pink.

    A floor- length sporty-chic kaftan in pink and blue with medium length sleeves, made of chiffon fabric with printed patterns by Woodstock.

  3. Third Choice: The Splendor of Multicolor

    This choice is very much suitable for women who have passion for colorfulness, and aspire for a look full of boldness and revival. 

    Sporty-chic, multicolored kaftan with long sleeves by Woodstock

  4. Fourth Choice: The Serenity of Green

    This kaftan suits every woman who loves green nature with overwhelming tranquility and harmony.

    Multicolored sporty-chic kaftan by Woodstock