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The Latest Coats Fashions for 2017

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 20-02-2017

Each new season fashion houses around the globe excel in creating new practical and lively trends for stylish women.

This year we've seen the emergence of coats in different fabulous designs treading side by side with the latest and trendiest fashions displayed on catwalks during Fashion Week in New York and London. 

Indeed, this is also what we've spotted in the new collection of coats by Kristina Fidelskaya which revealed the latest trendy fashions of them for 2017 and which Sayidaty Mall will offer following with great pleasure, Stay tuned in dear to choose what best suits your stylish elegant look this winter.

  1. The Classic Leather Coat Trend

    This trend is the international ever evolving and sparkling design for all seasons with unparalleled elegance. The classic coat designs which usually comes in dark beige shades registered a throwback but with modish styles and in soft pastel colors made of leather.

    We offer you a long coat in peach color made of leather, supported with a leather belt in the same color, long sleeves, front pocket and in zipper design for a contemporary noticeable elegance. 

  2. The Modish Detachable Coat Trend

    For a contemporary modish yet practical elegance, the new detachable coat trend prevailed recently in total harmony between the jacket and the coat, thus offering you the chance to appear in more than one look.

    We offer you this front open long jacket which allows you to change length via the circular zipper around the waist. The coat is most characteristic with the off- white color and made of dyed fabric in long sleeves and perfect for your mornings on a wintry day!

    Available in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

  3. Raffles Coat Trend

    This trend dominated the fashions scene this season as seen with the ever flowing raffles, boosting the element of classy movement on a woman.

    We offer you this long coat with front soft raffles in olive green color, long sleeves, made of dyed fabric, two front pockets with side buttons and in front open design with detachable piece to change length and wear it as a coat or a jacket. It will lend your look a touch of classy beauty in winter.

    Available in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. 

  4. The Dress-Coat Trend

    If you have passion for wearing dresses this trend is absolutely suitable for you. This coat comes in modern dress design, worthy to include it in your choices for a feminine upscale look.

    We offer you this coat in dress design and long front slit in off- white color, embellished with elastic band on the waist, the collar and on the sleeves' trims, making it suitable for your practical days.