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The Majestic Brand Paris Hilton Joins Sayidaty Mall


Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 19-02-2017

Speaking of majestic and upscale instantly pops to your mind the indulgent Brabie-like young woman Paris Hilton, the singer-actress-fashion model that owns her brand for designing beautiful items for women, especially the pretty and fabulous handbags.

Paris Hilton who joined our family here on Sayidaty Mall is the great-granddaughter of Conrad Hilton, the founder of the international chain Hilton hotels, and his inheritor. She started her life in the show business then moved to venture the beauty and fashion world and launched her own production line for the design and production of handbags, shoes and clothes under a brand bearing her name, then opened special shops in a number of cities around the world.

The main feature of the handbags' designed by the brand Paris Hilton is that she put her own special, sophisticated, Parisian-style-elegant mark on each item.

Despite the classical nature of her bag designs, the brand is not at all free from the bold and daring contemporary touches in pace with the latest trends. The brand also designs bags for all occasions, mostly inspired by the love of music and modern fashion, thus creating modish amazing bags.

Sayidaty Mall offers you following a collection of the prettiest bags designed by Paris Hilton to shine and glow during your occasions in a most magnificent look. Now you can easily shop these adorable bags via our online shopping service available in Saudi Arabia.

  1. A Bag in Burgundy Color

    For an upscale elegance we offer you: this clutch bag made of fabric in classical design, embellished with leather and patterns sketching the name of the brand, small-sized and in burgundy color with a zipper for easy closure, two handles and interior pockets for personal items.

    Size: L:14 H:21 W:13.5 cm.

  2. Women Bag Embellished with Snakeskin Pattern

    A practical modern bag made of leather and velvet combined, embellished with golden metal coins and snakeskin pattern in black and dark blue colors combined, in a square-medium size design supported with two handles and removable/adjustable shoulder straps.

    Size: L:33 H:29 W:14.5 cm

  3. Women Bag in Beige Color

    A leather bag in classy beige color comes in medium size, characterized by its firm closure buckle and supported with two handles and removable/adjustable shoulder straps.

    Size: L:32 H:29 W:15 cm

  4. Women Bag in Black Color

    In the majestic black color, the king of all colors, we offer you: a women bag embellished with leather and metal coins featuring the name of the brand and comes in medium size in practical comfy design, interior pockets for accessories and other personal items and supported with two handles.

    Size: L:34 H:21 W:17 cm

  5. Women Bag with Long Shoulder Straps

    For a modish contemporary look we offer you: this leather women bag in medium size, embellished with a golden ring featuring the name of the brand, in the two colors of burgundy and beige and supported with adjustable shoulder straps.

    Size: L:19.5 H:19 W:9 cm

  6. Women Bag in Burgundy and Patterns

    For a noticeable elegance we offer you: this women handbag made of leather and embellished with patterns featuring the first initials of the brand, in burgundy color with two handles and classic design

    Size: L:44.5 H:26 W:13