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Video: The Latest Colors and Trends for Nail Polish

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Manale Saade - sayidaty.net / 16-02-2017

Every woman seeks to explore the latest trends and colors for nail polish.

And with each fashion season we see new distinctive and different colors and sketches emerge. We already noticed that some new fiery and earth colors were released recently this season, embellished with glitter and strass. As for the colors of this coming spring, it seems they are full of vitality and intensive such as the fuchsia, the sparkling silver, light blue and indigo…

Therefore we selected for you a set of nail polish colors and did some sketching with the beauty consultant Georgette Richa for you to keep pace with the trends of the era.

Beach Cruiser nail polish in bright pink color by Orly

Chalkboard Manicure collection by Ciate

Locket nail polish in silver color by Ciate

Speed Coat nail polish to protect nails by Ciate.

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