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Choose the Right Flat Shoes for Your Look

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Shaima Ibrahim- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 16-02-2017

For your different spring looks you usually opt for the flat shoes as your best choice because they are the most elegant and practical item to suit the season.

Unlike the prevailing notion that flat shoes are not fit for all fashion styles, you can actually wear them with whatever look you are embracing as long as you pick the right design and color of your flat shoes.

In the following lines we will guide you to some of the best suggestions to wear the flat shoes, and will offer you as well a wide selection of these shoes in different amazing designs ranging between classic, casual, contemporary, and sporty.

Our tips for you to wear flat shoes with your spring looks as follows:

  1. You can wear the ballerina shoes adorned with a bow for your casual daytime look in shirt and jeans pants.

    Here you are with this formal, semi-formal and daily wear jeans pants in black denim plus added cover shawl embellished with ruffles and hand-embroidered with flowers and geometrics in several colors by Jeans Couture.   


    Women flat shoes made of shining leather in glitter design and embellished with front and side ribbons in bronze color by PRAERIE

  2. For an elegant classic look in a short dress wear stylish ballerinas in the same color of your handbag and accessories.

    A short dress in off-white color made of leather, sleeveless with adjustable shoulder straps, designed in back hidden zipper along the whole length of the dress for easy wear by Kristina Fidelskaya


    Women flat shoes made of leather in black color and embellished with little coins by PRAERIE.

    You could also wear sporty shoes with a sweater and short skirt, or casual dress on condition that you concert these with the colors of your outfits and handbag for an alluring look.

    A short leather dress in peach color, short sleeves, buckles on the side of the waistband and round neckline by Kristina Fidelskaya


    Sneakers shoes made of leather in grey color with GRAND.ØS technology to provide comfort for the feet, embellished with knitting front design, thinned-out sole for a perfect agility movement all day long by Cole Hann

  3. And for a causal look, style your flat sporty shoes with short pants.

    Knee high short pants, casual in off-white color and elastic waistband design for easy wear, straight cut with two side pockets made of plain fabric by Kristina Fidelskaya.


    Women sneakers shoes in laser cut leather and energy foam for all day standing agility and comfort, in dark blue color and rubber shoelace design by Cole Haan.