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The Best Products for Hair Care and Treatment from Sayidaty Mall

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 13-02-2017

Don't we all ladies love to have long, thick and beautifully arranged hair? And who of us does not love to use the latest hair colors, and treat the problems our hair suffers when exposed to environment factors such as sunshine, dryness and humidity which have negative impacts on its beauty, length and shininess?

Now dear you can restore your healthy hair and bring back its splendor with just few simple steps which we are about to offer you so that you could enjoy a perfect hair effortlessly!

So, if you are looking for the best tips and products for hair care, yet you want to apply your own routine to get a healthy alluring hair, we recommend that you opt for Rahua hair products available on Sayidaty Mall, in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

  1. Elixir to Solve Hair Problems

    If you have dull hair you can restore its bounciness and vitality by using this rich and unique hair coloring formula with its extracts from the heart of Amazon rainforest that work on rebuilding and repairing damaged hair, and fight its split ends when using hairdryers, and give the scalp a lasting strength and health. Apply one to three drops a day from this elixir to enjoy a healthy, lively and shining hair.

  2. Omega 9 Hair Mask to Strengthen the Hair from its Roots

    Omega 9 is known with its powerful and rich properties for hair. It helps in stimulating the blood circulation of the scalp and provides the necessary fatty acids for the protection and nourishment of the follicles and rebuilds the hair anew.

    We offer you: Omega 9 Hair Mask to strengthen the roots of the hair, get rid of any residues and restore its vitality and bounciness. It is a weekly treatment that penetrates the hair strands and regains its healthy shining texture. The mask is:

    - Rich in vitamins, minerals and Omega 9 to strengthen the hair from its roots.

    - Rejuvenates the damaged hair and maintains its original color.

    - You can use it after shampooing and conditioning your hair

    - Leave it from 10 to 15 minutes before rinsing.

  3. Hair Cream

    Some of the advantages of hair creams are they engulf the hair with a protection and care layer, yet they easily penetrate the roots to give the hair a prettier and stronger appearance.

    We offer you: this organic cream made of 100 percent natural ingredients, toxic free and contains veggie gluten to rejuvenate and repair damaged hair, plus Omega 9 and oleic acids to strengthen the follicles from its roots. Apply it on wet hair.   

  4. Hair Spray

    Many women suffer when styling their hair so they use sprays and gel creams to have a still, thick and rich hair. But their problem is that they cannot find the perfect hair spray that gives them the ideal hairstyle they desire or the necessary ultra-hair care products.

    For a perfect hairstyle and ultra-care: We off you: natural 100 percent hair spray that gives your hair the required thickness and fixes the hair gently and lightly for a longer time. It is rich with citrus oil, contains aromatic blend of lavender and eucalyptus to give the hair extra vitality and refreshing scent, by Rahua.

    The product's ingredients: Alpha Hydroxide. To be used on Hair.

  5. Balsam to stimulate hair follicles

    When you have finished and done with shampooing the hair you need to massage and rehydrate it, so include your hair- care routine this balsam for further hydration and nourishment.

    We offer you: Hair Balsam that contains 100 percent natural ingredients from Amazon rainforests. Safe on colored hair, its natural composition actively works on your hair without causing its dryness. Can be left on hair without rinsing, nourishes the scalp and stimulates the hair follicles. To be used after shampooing the hair, leave for 3 minutes then rinse. 

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