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Metallic Colors Dominate Fall/Winter Elegance in 2017

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Nuha Al Sidawi- Al Riyadh - sayidaty.net / 13-02-2017

A proven fact: shining metallic colors lends unique elegance to fashions. That said, such metallic colors ruled the fashions shows this year and the trend prevailed remarkably due to the fanciful style it gives to women.

Sayidaty Mall noticed the overwhelming dominance of shining fabrics in the two colors of bronze and golden with different shades on catwalks introduced by major upscale international fashion brands in their latest collections of fall/winter season 2017, featuring modish elegant styles.

We offer you following a magnificent selection of fashions from the new collection by Kristina Fidelskaya which you will find available on our online shop in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, along with the most important tips for you to adopt when choosing metallic colors for your look.  

  1. Golden Color:

    this color perfectly suits ladies with dark skin tone. It is preferable that you opt for the quiet yellow shades of this color. Ladies with white skin tone suits them best the rosy golden shade, or the bronze tone to enjoy a most wonderful look.

    We Offer You: a floor- length evening dress in golden color, sleeveless with thin shoulder straps and long back zipper, made of shining fabric in wide design downward.

  2. Bronze Color:

    very suitable for day and night looks but totally dependent on how you style your look. It is preferable that you opt for the casual appearance by adopting only one piece in the bronze color then style it with jeans pants for a noticeable look. 

    We Offer You: a short women gilet in bronze color made of leather, sleeveless and in front open design.

  3. If you have fears concerning metallic colors

    we recommend you combine this shining tone with other soft and quiet shades. For example, choose a dress in metallic tones with one sophisticated pastel color and this way you are certain to show up very much in line with the latest trends of fashions.

    We Offer You: a floor- length dress in bronze and peach colors, sleeveless with thin shoulder straps, designed in chiffon layers and long hidden back zipper.

  4. When choosing a look in bronze color:

    we recommend that you avoid overstated details. It is enough that you choose one essential piece then style it with one neutral harmonious color, mainly with the black or white colors: your savior colors! So, to complete you metallic look,,,

    We Offer You:  long women pants in golden color with wide legs design and hidden zipper with button buckle, made of shining plain fabric.

  5. For a feminine youthful look:

    we recommend you opt for this metallic short skirt and high boots for winter time. If you choose to add more metallic colors to your look, our tip is to style a number of shining shades along with matt tones. But remember: the shade of the color and the extent of its shine is your benchmark for any other additions.

    We Offer You: a short skirt in bronze color made of leather by Kristina Fidelskaya, with an opening for the belt and hidden zipper design.