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Adopt the Leather Skirt on Souhila Ben Lachhab's Way


The Algerian star Souhila Ben Lachhab published a photo on her page on Instagram an eye- catching look where she adopted the leather skirt and striped shirt, thus added further glow and shine on her looks.

Therefore, we selected for you a matching look of that adopted by Souhila, consisting of a leather skirt in black color from FabAlley, a stripped blouse in white and black colors, long sleeves and embellished on the shoulders from the brand BYSI, plus these sandals in high thin heels made of black velvet from Cole Haan.

Such elegance though is not complete without the touch of accessories, so we selected for you this handbag for women with shoulder straps in black color from Paris Hilton, and a ring and a chain with a pendant made of silver and embellished with pearls from Parejo and wristwatch made of ceramic in black color from Coach.

If this look appeals to your taste you can get it by clicking on the photos of the following product.


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Grand Sandal In Black Velvet For Women

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